Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming Soon: Practically Raw

I am happy to announce the newest title to be published by Vegan Heritage Press.  Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make by Amber Shea Crawley is scheduled for release in early March of this year.   

Practically Raw delivers a revolutionary flexible approach to raw cooking by providing cooked options for many of the recipes. What’s more, each raw vegan recipe includes options for adapting it to your own taste, budget, and ingredient availability. This book is ideal for beginners as well as seasoned raw foodists, and filled with creative, satisfying, and delicious recipes that include: Almond Butter Sesame Noodles, Vegetable Korma Masala, Fiesta Taco Roll-Ups, Primavera Pesto Pizza, Maple-Pecan Kale Chips, Cherry Mash Smoothie, Parisian Street Crepes, and Warm Apple-Walnut Cobbler.

This flexible approach allows you to enjoy raw food at your own pace, even without special equipment or hard-to-find ingredients. Filled with full-color photos, this innovative book provides a pantry guide, menus, money-saving and make-ahead tips, nutrition information, as well as recipe variations and ingredient substitutions. If you’re looking for maximum nutrition and want flexible recipes for vibrant, sexy food, then you’ll love Practically Raw.

Chef Amber Shea Crawley specializes in healthful vegan and raw food. She was classically trained in the art of gourmet living cuisine at the world-renowned Matthew Kenney Academy, graduating in 2010 as a certified raw and vegan chef. In 2011, she earned her Nutrition Educator certification at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Chef Amber blogs at AlmostVeganChef.com.

Practically Raw is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.  For more information on this book and the other Vegan Heritage Press titles, visit the VHP website.