Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vegan Unplugged Hurricane Season Special!

Hurricane Irene left 3 million people without power. As we used to live in Virginia Beach, we know the misery that can bring.  For that reason, I wanted to make Vegan Unplugged especially affordable through hurricane season.  Until November 1, if you buy 1 copy of  Vegan Unplugged through at $11.95 ($14.95 retail value), I'll ship you 2 copies -- that's one copy for you and an extra one for someone you care about.
Now there's no excuse for being stuck with peanut butter and crackers whenever the power goes out.  The 80 recipes in the book were created by someone I know – Robin Robertson – and they're ready in 15 minutes or less using pantry ingredients.  The book also provides menus, grocery lists, emergency preparation tips, and advice to keep your companion animals safe and sound.